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Desk-top Publishing (DTP)
We provide desk-top publishing service for our clients on the basis of time-saving and cost-cutting in order to meet the particular demand of Chinese markets. Desk Top Publishing describes the way text and graphics can be combined together on a single page which can then be printed out as a high quality print. It is a desk top because one person can do the work in one place instead of needing several people all over the place. By using computers, desk-top publishing electronically integrate text and publishing graphics into newsletters, advertisements, letterheads, reports, brochures, software catalogs, and books. It allows you to see the page and alter it on screen before committing it to print. Our DTP service aims at making the printed documents of foreign clients to better satisfy the need of Chinese markets. By typesetting, we can also carry out creative development and turn original ideas into actual design. Besideswe offer services on text composition, art editing & embellishment, printing, logistics etc.