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About Information Localization

According to the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA, www.lisa.org), localization refers to the process of modifying and customizing products or services to allow them to have the appearance and style of local products or services. As one critical part of the globalization business, information localization can enhance the business development of an enterprise in markets other than its native country.

When correctly implemented, localization pervades every aspect of product design, development, testing, marketing and support. In other words, it unites and transcends individual services and disciplines such as engineering and translation. Localization must be understood as one critical part of the global business equation, which includes globalization, internationalization (preparation of products to facilitate localization), localization and translation (collectively called GILT).

Since the early 1990s, a whole new sectorthe localization industry has grown to offer services, advice and training in the area of globalization, internationalization, localization and translation (GILT), the expertise and services that enable companies to sell and support their products  worldwide. LISA estimates put the minimum size of the GILT industry at USD 3.7 to 5 billion world-wide (with some estimates as high as USD 15 to 20 billion).

For further information, please visit: www.lisa.org