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Translation Consultants & Specialists
Translation Consultants & Specialists
(For English Only)
The Senior Consultant
Citizen of United Kingdom; permanent resident of China;
He has worked with African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank and FAO etc, and has served as the economic development advisor of governments of China, Russia, Micronesia, Solomon Islands, Tanzania, Tonga, Yemen, Zimbabwe and etc.
Problems and Perspectives of the Barbados Sugar Industry. Co-author. 1978, MAFF, Barbados.
A Feasibility study and project proposal: Drainage of the Rewa Delta. 1979, MAFF, Fiji.
An interpretation of Taiwanese and Korean Longline Fishing Boat Log Books. 1971, MAFF, Fiji.
The future of the international tuna market. 1984 Tuna Workshops, Kiribati, FAO.
Management and Economics of statutory fishing corporations. 1984 Tuna Workshop, Tonga.
Economic analyses of three years seine fishing for skipjack tuna on fish aggregation devices. 1985, Ika Corporation, Fiji.
National tuna fishing enterprises, establishment and problems in operations. 1986 Ocean Management Workshop, Tonga. SPC Newsletter.
Commercial and economic operation of activities developed by Fisheries Division. 1986, MAFF, Tonga.
Terminal report. Vessel construction, Phase II. Tonga. FAO Rome.
Project proposal- expansion of the tuna industry (longline fishing data). 1988, Tonga.
Apparent escapes of fish while longlining. (Tonga). 1988 SPC Newsletter.
Terminal report, Boatbuilding transition project. 1988, FAO, Rome.
Contributor to Loan appraisal report - Fisheries Development. IFAD/IDB C North Yemen 1989.
Contributor to Project appraisal report - Development of Outer Islands. 1989, ADB - Fiji.
Contributor to Loan appraisal report - Fisheries Development. AFDB - Seychelles/Tanzania 1989.
Market Prospects and Economics of Fish Production in Outer Islands. 1990, Solomon Islands.
Rationale for a data collection and analysis system. 1994. People's Republic of China
Investment potential in the fisheries Sector. 1998, Federated States of Micronesia
Language, Culture and Study Skills: Preparing Chinese Students for Study in a Western Academic Environment. C. Harrington and M. McGregor 2004 (not yet published)
Teaching Culture and Purpose of National Examinations in China. M.McGregor, 2004 (not yet published)
Translation & interpretation experts majoring in various specialties
Electric power & energy:
1. Ms Zhou
Graduated from Southwest University of Science and Technology, majoring in Machinery Manufacturing Technology and Equipment;
Advanced study on English in Xian Foreign Languages University.
2. Mr. Fu
A Master of Water Resources and Hydropower from China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research
3. Mr. Jia
Graduated from Automatic Control Faculty, Shenyang Architecture and Civil Engineering Institute, majoring in electric automation
4. Mr. Liu
Graduated from Tianjin Foreign Studies University
5. Ms Sun
A Master from College of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Zhejiang University
1. Mr. Chen
Graduated from Beijing University of Chemical Technology
2. Mr. Liu
Graduated from Jianghan Petroleum Institute, majoring in Petroleum Engineering                         
Finance & Law:
1. Ms Feng
Graduated from Foreign Languages Faculty, Fujian Normal University, majoring in English; An MBA from Hongkong Open University.
2. Ms Yin
A Bachelor of Business English from Sichuan University, and a master of Civil and Commercial Law from Fujian Normal University
3. Mr. Chen
Graduated from International Economic Law Dept. of China University of Political Science and Law;
A Master of Law from Xiamen University
4. Mr. Gao
A Master from Foreign Languages Faculty, Fujian Normal University and a practicing lawyer
Information & Communication:
1. Mr. Chen
Graduated from Information Engineering University
2. Mr. Xiao
A Master of Automatic Control from Chinese Academy of Sciences
3. Mr. Hu
A Doctor of Telecommunication and Network from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Electronic Machinery:
1. Ms Lin
A Bachelor of English from Nanjing Normal University, an MBA from Shanghai Tongji University, and a PMP (Project Management Professional) from Project Management College of USA
2. Ms Xiao
Graduated from Tianjin University of Technology, majoring in electric automation
3. Ms Yang
Graduated from Hebei University of Science & Technology and Hebei Normal University, majoring in automation and English respectively
4. Mr. Sheng
Graduated from Tongji University, majoring in machinery  
Engineering & Construction:
1. Mr. Liu
Professor & senior engineer of the Physics Department of Fujian No.2 Normal College; returned overseas Chinese; 
2. Ms. Wang
Master of civil engineering of Tongji University
3. Ms. Liu
Bachelor of English of the Foreign Language Institute of Anqing Normal University
4. Mr. Ni
Bachelor of English of Nanjing Normal University
5. Mr. Wang
Graduated from the Foreign Language Institute of Nanjing University
6. Mr. Lin
BA of Shanghai International Studies University; Master of E-business of Queensland University; 
7. Mr. Wang
Bachelor of the English Department of Tianjing Foreign Studies University; Master of Simultaneous Interpretation of Beijing Foreign Studies University; 
Automobile & Transportation: 
1. Ms. Jia
Bachelor of mechanical design & manufacturing and Master of fluid driving & control of Shanghai Railway College; 
2. Mr. Jin
Bachelor of machinery of Shanghai Jiao Tong University; MBA of Edinburgh University; 
Education & Tourism: 
1. Mr. Pan
Bachelor of English of Foreign Language Institute of Xiamen University; deputy proofreader; 
2. Mr. Wei
Bachelor of Foreign Language Institute of Xiamen University; deputy proofreader; 
Medical Science & Biology: 
1. Mr. Tan
Bachelor of clinical medicine of Hubei Medical University; Master of medical studies of Sydney University; 
2. Mr. Lu
Master of Orthopaedics and Traumatology of Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
3. Mr. Hu
Graduated from Nanjing Railway Medical College; the attending doctor of radiological department; 
1. Mr. Lu
Graduated from the Foreign Language Department of Xiamen University;