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Operation Procedure
Mission Analysis:
Once the mission is accepted, an analysis is undertaken to check on the text content, calculate the total word numbers and offer a quote. If necessary, the mission is reformatted into a computer file. In case of a big mission, a mission-oriented manager will be appointed to monitor the mission.
Initial Translation:
When the deal is confirmed, we will locate, out of the translator data bank, a competent translator from the special disciplinary background. The qualification of shortlisted translators will be examined and re-evaluated so as to ensure a successful mission.
Professional Proofreading:
The initial translated text will be forwarded for the proofreading by the expert translators. The misspellings, grammatical mistakes or inappropriate special terms will be properly corrected.
Clients' Feedback:
Afterwards, the quasi-finished product will be submitted to the client to solicit suggestion for the correction or the replacement by the special disciplinary terms. The clients feedback will enter into our record and be passed to the translators concerned so that the following translations will be in full compatibility.
2nd Proofreading & Typesetting:
The proofreader in this stage will be responsible for checking the possible misspellings, incorrect typing and grammatical mistakes while identifying the most appropriate wordings and confirming the text fluency. Our professional typesetters are good at using the work-of-art application softwares to better format the text.
Final Proofreading & Delivery
Our quality control personnel will have a thorough examination over the final product. If there is any further deficiency, the necessary measures will be resumed until the translation has fully passed the quality control prior to the delivery to our client.